Charis Chan

Speech and Hearing Sciences, HKU



Charis is majoring in Speech and Hearing Sciences at The University of Hong Kong. With her motto “It is more blessed to give than to receive”, she has been passionate about serving the community with her future occupation as a speech therapist and  the music she makes with her harmonica.  

Despite winning both international and local awards, the harmonica has given her much more than that. Previously, she volunteered in a missionary trip to Chiang Rai, Thailand, where she taught underprivileged children the harmonica. Locally, she taught children from a Po Leung Kuk Small Group Home and people from different walks of life in her church to play the harmonica. Taking pleasure in performing, she volunteered to perform at the Children’s All Rounded Development Programme co-organized by Po Leung Kuk and Angels for Orphans. 

While Charis has been aware of the increasing prevalence of children having speech problems, she, as a committee member of Speechians’ Action, is currently taking the initiative to organize and carry out community service which targets the elderly having speech and language difficulties. Being a polyglot, Charis believes that verbal communication is essential for developing bonds between people so she is determined to become a competent speech therapist that helps people express their ideas and restore their confidence in speaking.