Cathy Luo

Media and Communication, CityU


Ms. Gigi Shuen

Cathy has a strong aspiration to bridge the gap between the older adult and the youth, fostering inter-generational harmony in Hong Kong. Recognizing the importance of building meaningful connections across different age groups, Cathy is determined to create opportunities and initiatives that promote understanding, empathy, and collaboration between these two generations.

Since primary school, Cathy has actively participated in community services at several organizations with a passion for understanding diverse social issues. As a volunteer responsible for elderly service at The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong, Cathy is dedicated to helping the elderly. Voluntary experiences have led her to realize her desire to facilitate understanding, empathy, and acceptance among youngsters and the elderly by applying her knowledge. She, therefore, aspires to build an innovative media platform that publishes original videos and interviews and offers young people opportunities to help the older adult.

As a Scholar of The D. H. Chen Foundation, Cathy will be able to have more understanding regarding elderly service from service projects provided by the Foundation. Networking with other Scholars and Mentors would help her gain new insights from different perspectives. With the support of the Scholarship Program, Cathy would like to devote herself to building a compassionate community and advancing intergenerational understanding.