Anson Kwan

Speech and Hearing Sciences, HKU



Anson is studying Speech and Hearing Sciences at The University of Hong Kong. He is interested in researches related to special educational needs and audiology. With his motto “The world is full of good people. If you can’t find one, be one”, he aims to become a competent and passionate speech therapist to serve the community.


Being a volunteer tutor at the Salvation Army back in secondary school, Anson understood the adversity faced by students with speech difficulties and special educational needs. These heartbroken moments have inspired Anson to contribute in building a more harmonious society by, being a speech therapist, improving the communication skills of these underprivileged groups so as to minimize social discrimination against them.


He is currently the External Vice Chairperson of the Education Society, HKUSU at HKU, and a committee member in Speechians’ Action to take the initiative to arouse public awareness of children having speech and language difficulties and special educational needs. Through these extra-curricular engagement and his future career, Anson hopes to play an important role in enlightening them to explore their possibilities of life.