Anson Kee

Global Business, CUHK


Mr. Stephen Kuok

Anson has been actively engaging herself in various opportunities, in exploration of her area of interests and ways to drive innovation in the society. Currently, she is the Engagement Manager of Cambridge Consulting Network. Besides, she has also won Champion in the Hong Kong Shared Good Values 2022 Case Competition, where she has been deeply impressed by the possibility of balancing business opportunities and societal needs simultaneously.

Since her secondary years, Anson has been passionate about driving positive changes in the education field. She consistently devoted herself to voluntary services to underprivileged schoolchildren, such as offering free tutorials and hosting interactive activities like tours and orienteering. During her internship at an EdTech start-up, she interacted with various start-up founders, teachers, and other stakeholders in the industry and learn from their stories. Through such, she has seen a more macroscopic view of current issues and pain points in the education industry, such as education inequality and inadequacy in fostering STEAM education in Hong Kong. And hence, she is further inspired to make further steps in innovating the industry.

With the support from the Scholarship Program, Anson is committed to creating meaningful societal impacts, while utilizing her business knowledge and network. She excitedly anticipates meeting other enthusiastic scholars and mentors while stepping on this fruitful journey ahead.