Alva Ho

Social Sciences, HKU


Ms. Karen Cheung

Alva is majoring in Psychology at The University of Hong Kong. The joy of giving has brought her to be a regular volunteer at Junior Police Call since 2014, and was selected as the Fight-Crime Ambassador of 2018. As the integration of ethnic minority students in Hong Kong is one of the social issues she most concerned, she was the teaching assistant of the Cantonese Class for Non-ethnic Chinese. Gaining insights from her experience of community services, she believes that the sustainable prosperity of the society is attributed to mutual respect and embrace – both of which are the foundation of communication and understanding. 

In the future, Alva would like to dedicate herself to mental wellness promotion, in particular to children and young people. She sees childhood as a critical period for making lifelong impact and values the importance of a supportive parent-child relationship. Together with her interest in video-editing and game-designing, she is keen on exploring the use of video games in therapy.