Photo Credit: Queenie Li, The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholar

Alice Wong

Engineering Science, Oxford



Alice graduated from Christian Alliance S.C. Chan Memorial College in Hong Kong. She is reading Engineering Science at the University of Oxford. As a curious girl strongly interested and driven in grasping the theories and laws of principles behind everything, including machinery, she has chosen to dive into the field of Engineering Science. She aspires to improve the living standard of people with her own knowledge by actively learning in this area of expertise. Alice believes technology is the antidote to many problems yet to be solved. Seeing the rapid technological development all over the world, Alice understands that Hong Kong citizens could lag behind if we do not equip ourselves. Nonetheless, she is confident in the talented engineers in Hong Kong and cannot wait to join them. Growing up in an underprivileged neighborhood, the scholarship is of extreme importance to Alice as it bridges her to the path of a world-class education at Oxford. Alice is beyond excited about exchanging ideas with future engineers from across the world. Not only would that allow her to make greater contribution to Hong Kong in the next few decades, she hopes to play a part in advancing the technological standards of the Asia as a whole.