Terence Chan

Computer Engineering, HKUST


Mr. Cheney Cheng

Terence is a computer engineering student at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Passionate about robotics, he led several engineering projects when he was a secondary student and has continued his endeavours in the University.

He is an active member of the Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps, where he has geared secondary students with leadership and cooperation skills. Increasing digitalization has weakened teenagers’ communication ability in face-to-face interactions. He materializes his hope to rebuild such an ability by providing disciplinary training to secondary students.

When he was an officer of the Outgoing Global Talent Department of AIESEC at HKUST, he co-organized and hosted panel discussions with international entrepreneurs, aiming to bridge local talents to overseas opportunities. The experience has shaped his eagerness to increase the social mobility of underprivileged secondary students. His vision is to amplify those students’ social impact and contribution.

He believes societal problems can be mitigated by a logical and pragmatic approach, together with a proper application of technology. With the support of the scholarship, Terence is happy to exchange ideas with other talented scholars and respectable mentors.