• The D. H. Chen
    Foundation Scholarship

    Investing Today, Impacting Tomorrow

    The D. H. Chen
    Foundation Scholarship

    Investing Today, Impacting Tomorrow

  • The D. H. Chen
    Foundation Scholarship

    Investing Today, Impacting Tomorrow

    The D. H. Chen
    Foundation Scholarship

    Investing Today, Impacting Tomorrow

The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholarship aims to nurture, empower and connect promising and insightful leaders who will take Hong Kong into an even brighter and more caring future.

HKU Congregation 2016. Photo Credit: The University of Hong Kong

Scholarship Overview

The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholarship Program is a milestone initiative of The D. H. Chen Foundation, a Hong Kong based private grant giving organization committed to steering innovative, impactful and sustainable work in education, medical research & healthcare, as well as promotion of Buddhist values to enrich lives. Through awarding a maximum of 22 Scholarships every year, the Program invests in Hong Kong’s brightest young people who will combine their professional knowledge and humanitarian ethos to drive impact for a better tomorrow.

Professor Rocky S. Tuan
Vice-Chancellor and President
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholarship Program is a life-enriching scheme that nurtures students who are both academically outstanding and are committed to service. I am confident that these brilliant Scholars will make significant contribution to become the pillars of the society in the future.

Professor Wei Shyy
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

The essence of education is not simply instilling academic knowledge, but also preparing the mind and nurturing our younger generation with social values for becoming global citizens with civic mindedness. With the all-round support and invaluable opportunities provided, The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholarship echoes well with the value of education and helps groom our next generation of social leaders. We at HKUST deeply appreciate its benevolence.

Professor Xiang Zhang
President and Vice-Chancellor
The University of Hong Kong

At the heart of The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholarship is a deep belief in the value of "paying it forward" – broadening the horizons and building the confidence of young talented students today, so that they will be able to make a lasting positive impact on society in the future.

Professor Louise Richardson
Vice Chancellor
The University of Oxford

The D. H. Chen Foundation and Oxford are united by a shared ambition. We aim to increase the opportunities and support available to bright young students, helping them realise their potential regardless of their background or financial circumstances. Our ground-breaking scholarship programme will allow talented students from Hong Kong to study here, and take full advantage of all that Oxford has to offer.

Kwang Chin Kheng
Father of Vanessa Kwang
2018 HKU Scholar

As parents, we are not only proud and grateful for this prestigious award granted to our daughter, but also hope that it will serve as an encouragement for her to excel further in her academic studies as well as to serve the community in need.

Idira Sen
Mother of Samanwita Sen
2018 Oxford Scholar

The D. H. Chen Foundation's contribution to the careers of young, talented individual is really a great feat of work offering funding and guiding them in attaining their potential. Scholars' achievements are remarkable and show their potential and I feel privileged that my daughter is among such a motivated cohort of talented individuals. I am really thankful for such an extraordinary network of mentors and support to my daughter to overcome her social barriers and achieve her educational goals.

Percy Tai
Father of Felix Tai
2018 PolyU Scholar

While participating in the Scholarship Award Dinner and meeting different talents was a magnificent experience, the most important part is the recognition Felix received as The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholar! With the encouragement from the Foundation, Felix will serve the best that he could with other Scholars.

Mabel Tam
Mother of Ranita Ma
2018 CUHK Scholar

I am immensely grateful for The D. H. Chen Foundation for recognizing Ranita’s effort. I put faith that she can broaden her horizon with the Foundation’s network and support, in order to learn and serve more. I wish the Scholarship can be a threshold that brings Ranita to a wider stage, to influence more people through hard-work.

Mabel Tong
Mother of Roxanne Liu
2018 HKUST Scholar

I am grateful that Roxanne has the opportunity to receive the Scholarship this year and I sincerely thank The D. H. Chen Foundation for providing opportunities to Scholars to enrich their social service exposure and network with other industries. I would like to extend my gratitude to all the Mentors for their generosity and devotion to the Scholars.

Cheung Wai Man
Mother of Alice Wong
2017 Oxford Scholar

I am very grateful and appreciative to learn that my daughter is selected as The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholar. The Scholarship helps to reduce financial burdens of the Scholars, provides support on their learning and develops their potential. I thank the Foundation again for the support and I hope this will serve as an encouragement and inspiration for her to help others and give back to the society.

Kwok Wei Wai
Mother of Apple Mok
2017 PolyU Scholar

I sincerely thank The D. H. Chen Foundation for the thoughtful award. The Scholarship, mentorship, and scholar network motivate Apple to help others and give back to the community following in the footsteps of the Foundation.

Lee Ka Yee
Mother of Edward Tam
2017 HKUST Scholar

I was delighted to learn that Edward is a recipient of the prestigious Scholarship this year. The mentorship provides Edward with an opportunity to learn essential soft skills and Mr. Paul Lam's valuable professional experiences will benefit him a lot. The Scholarship also encourages Scholars to serve the community and shoulder responsibility to the public which is very meaningful. Regardless of his dreams, I support Edward wholeheartedly and am proud of him!

C.W. Lim
Father of Max Lim
2017 HKU Scholar

It is my honor and pleasure to witness the great contributions the Foundation makes towards educating young talents as well as the wonderful moments of being a part of it, for both my son and myself. The Scholarship provides a golden opportunity for the Scholars not only to excel in their studies, but also, through the many social activities organized by the Foundation, to become future leaders who care for and are willing to contribute to society at large. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to The D. H. Chen Foundation.

Janice Wong
Mother of Samuel Wong
2017 CUHK Scholar

As parents of one of The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholars, we are very appreciative of the Foundation's generous support to students who have not only shown academic excellence in their studies, but more importantly, commitment and dedication to serving our local community. We hope this Scholarship would propel young recipients closer to their career goals, thereby enabling them to become proactive contributors of the community.

Philip Cheng
Father of Chester Cheng
2016 CUHK Scholar

As parents of one of The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholars, I and my wife are extremely grateful to the Foundation for bringing this very well thought out, comprehensive scholarship program into reality and success. It creates an opportunity and network for these future leaders, who will emerge year after year, to get together, interact and join hands to contribute and give back to society in the long run.

Amy Leung
Mother of Vivian Lo
2016 PolyU Scholar

The Scholarship offers my daughter many unique opportunities in enriching her learning, leadership and service experience that nurtures her to become a more capable and benevolent person. It provides resourceful support to all the Scholars to develop their potentials and actualize their aspirations for driving social good.

Jayashree Sambamurthy
Mother of Vikram Sambamurthy
2016 HKUST Scholar

There is a wise saying from a Thirukkural – an ancient Indian literary work that expounds the truth of life. “The duty of the father towards his children is to give a head start in knowledge over the best of scholars.” The Foundation with no exaggeration is like a father organization supporting young scholars. I thank the Foundation for the trust and encouragement given to the Scholars to achieve their best and contribute to the community.

Eva Weng
Mother of Yuki Ip
2016 HKU Scholar

To the Scholars, being awarded The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholarship is not only a form of recognition, but also a motivation for them to soar to greater heights. I hope this serves as an encouragement, as well as a constant reminder for them to serve the society, especially the underprivileged, with a grateful heart.

Li Kwok Fai
Father of Queenie Li
2016 Oxford Scholar

I thank The D. H. Chen Foundation for supporting Queenie to further realize her potential overseas. I look eagerly forward to her return from Oxford and her contribution to Hong Kong thereupon.

  • The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholars teaching young children to mark art with recycled materials.
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    August 24, 2019

    To get students, parents, teachers, social workers and friends in community ready for the new school year, The D. H. Chen Foundation will be hosting an event entitled “Freshen Up!” at The Mills.

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    August 15, 2019

    Mingalaba! Greetings from Myanmar!

    I volunteered in the Global Community Project Overseas Service trip to Myanmar hosted by the Engineers Without Border this summer.

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  • Connecting the Foundation Scholars to World-Class Young Leaders through High-Level Exchanges

    June 11, 2019

    11 The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholars had high-level exchanges with 13 Schwarzman Scholars and 1 Samsung Scholar during a half-day tour at The Mills in Tsuen Wan in mid-June. With diverse academic and professional backgrounds, all exceptional scholars shared their intellectual and cultural ideas...

  • The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholar receives “The Most Outstanding PolyU Student Award 2018”

    February 21, 2019

    Congratulations to Cindy Chan, The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholar 2016 and a Product Design student at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, who is a proud recipient of “The Most Outstanding PolyU Student Award 2018”! Believing that eating and food are far more than bodily sustenance, Cindy exp...

  • Fostering Empathy at “Lovely Piglets” Event

    February 17, 2019

    During the joyful season of Chinese New Year, the Foundation hosted the “Lovely Piglets” event on Feb 17, 2019 inviting ten of our NGO partners to showcase the meaningful work they are driving in the community. At the event, young children and their parents learnt about the incredible help guide ...

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