Vivian Lo

Occupational Therapy, PolyU

Vivian is an Occupational Therapy student at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Through serving and leading the Social Service Committee and the Editorial Board in secondary school, Vivian found her passion and developed a sense of responsibility to share what she has with the ones in need. After entering the University, she has been active as a member of the PolyU Social Service Group in spreading the value of benevolence. Enthusiastic about her Major, Vivian is engaged in Occupational Therapy Student Ambassador, a self-initiated student organization that aims to connect OT students with the public through volunteer services and campaigns. Vivian is also curious about her identity as a world citizen and she is devoted to make an impact through education. As a manager of AIESEC in PolyU, an international youth organization, she is dedicated to empowering Global Volunteer exchange participants in becoming future leaders, initiating campaigns about the concept of sustainability, and organizing overseas exchange for cultural diversity. Vivian is a great fan of KFC. Not the chickens, but Kindness, Faith, and Charity.