Tsang Sum In

Science, HKU


Dr. CC Luk

Sum In is a Science student majoring in Biochemistry and Biotechnology at the University of Hong Kong. Capitalizing on the knowledge acquired, Sum In is determined to research on new technologies or even medicine to minimize the pain and hardships of people with incurable diseases, in the hope of bailing them out of pain, helplessness and suffering. Apart from getting involved in scientific research, Sum In always devotes herself to serving people from all walks of life. She has participated in various social services including regular visits to the Ebenezer School for the Visually Impaired and leading junior HKFYG volunteers to serve in society. Provided with the priceless service opportunity by The D. H. Chen Foundation, Sum In is working on a research project for Teach4HK to investigate gaps in contemporary STEM Education and look for constructive solutions to promote comprehensive science education. In December 2016, she taught as a volunteer at rural schools in Guizhou to actualize her social aspiration on a broader scale. Sum In sees herself as a lit candle. To amplify and extend her brightness, she will pass on the fire of serving to future generations to brighten the hearts of those in need as well as the world.