Tracy Leung

Journalism and Communication, CUHK

Tracy is a sophomore at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, studying Journalism and Communication. She is actively involved in different community service, including serving the University YMCA (CUHK) as the internal vice president, a student society committed to enhancing youth’s whole-person development through community projects, personal development programs and oversea service trips. She has initiated a project called “Humans of Hong Kong”, which aims to bring stories of different Hong Kongers together to enhance the social bonding of our society. Tracy is very active in university life. Recently, she is involved in a local startup and also helped organize an international conference. These experiences opened her up to meet people with vastly different backgrounds, bringing her invaluable experiences and helping her rediscover herself. In the future, Tracy is excited to either work for an investigative news agency or work as a PR for social enterprises or NGOs. Outside of study and work, Tracy enjoys reading and has a great passion for dance.