Terence Fong

Physiotherapy, PolyU


Mr. Alan Chow

Terence Fong is a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Physiotherapy student at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Prior to this, he has received his first degree in Bachelor of Science at The University of Hong Kong. Passionate about healthcare and realizing the value of physiotherapy in restoring an individual’s independence and promoting well-being, he is determined to pursue a career as a physiotherapist. After the first degree, Terence volunteered in a project promoting elderly health organized by The Chinese University of Hong Kong and also one that supports healthcare services run by St. James’ Settlement. These experiences developed his interest in health promotion via education. Through The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholarship, Terence hopes to broaden his views and to better understand the challenges the community encounters. He has recently completed a service project for Music Children Foundation offered by the Foundation, and is an active contributor for the Care for the Elderly Living Alone Volunteer Service under the Association for Engineering and Medical Volunteer Service.