Samantha Li

Philosophy, HKU


Mr. Gilbert Lui

Samantha Li was born in Henan, China. She is a student at The University of Hong Kong and majors in Philosophy. Samantha moved to America when she was three and lived there for eight years until she came to Hong Kong. Having been to 14 schools, she had to adapt to different environments and enjoyed meeting different people. Her goal is to inspire and be inspired. Her travels to impoverished areas like Cambodia, Nepal, and Guizhou have challenged her to step outside of the idealistic picture of the world and realize the kind of impact she aspires to make. The wonderful people she met connected her with the universe and became an impetus for her to do her best to help others. To achieve inner peace and understanding, she seizes as many opportunities to learn and expand her knowledge of the universe. She sees herself as an inquirer, a curious child who is eager to challenge the conventional and ask questions that involve why and how things work. Her unquenchable thirst for knowledge not only gives her hope to be closer to “truth” but also acts as a catalyst for the achievement of her dreams!