Queenie Li

Fine Art, Oxford

Queenie graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2013 with a degree in Global Business Studies with First Class Honours. She represented Hong Kong in several international business case competitions throughout her degree. Upon graduation, she spent 3 years developing her profession in the marketing sector with leadership experience in an international retail company and a local government-owned institution. In 2016, she was determined to exert a broader social impact and became strongly committed to the art and cultural development of Hong Kong. She is currently reading a Bachelor of Fine Art degree at the University of Oxford. Queenie is also an honorary scholar from the Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence Scheme in light of her exceptional potential and profound dedication to her hometown. Queenie consistently appears in a variety of fine art exhibitions and performances in Oxford. She actively explores a unique combination of mediums including photography, installation, sound and new media to interpret contemporary art and bridge the discourse between the art and non-art world. She is the art columnist for the independent student newspaper, Cherwell, which is one of the oldest student publications in the UK.