Michael Yip

Economics, CUHK


Ms. Karen Cheung

Michael Yip studies Economics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Michael focuses on empirical economics and always looks for opportunities to apply theories. In the first semester, Michael completed several case studies on the financial market and macroeconomic environment and he is now conducting a research on the difference in pricing strategies of online stores and brick-and-motor stores. Born and bred in Hong Kong, Michael is committed to social service because he can contribute to the place that created the young man he is today. In the first year of his undergraduate studies, Michael was the President of the Service Team of CW Chu College under the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He organized a one-year service project, with a series of pre-camp activities as well as a 3-day-2-night service camp. Passionate in education, Michael is now working on a research project for a NGO called Teach4HK. He also regularly organizes tutorial classes for economics students. At leisure, Michael enjoys travelling to different places, even within Hong Kong, appreciating how a city has been constructed through the course of history.