Kelly Lau

Global Economics and Finance, CUHK


Mr. Stephen Kuok

Kelly is currently an undergraduate student studying Global Economics and Finance at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Kelly is a self-motivated and passionate leader with a warm heart and a cold mind. Feeling grateful, she finds herself obliged to make this world a better place. She believes innovative business models would be the driving force to reach this common goal. Kelly is committed to social entrepreneurship and founded Enactus CUHK to promote social responsibility with an entrepreneurial spirit. Enactus CUHK is a university chapter of an international NGO involving 69,000 students across 36 countries. Kelly further exhibits her passion in the field by her own social initiative, Knowledge Vending, aiming to promote global citizenship among tertiary students. Being the President of Enactus CUHK, Kelly continues to uplift the spirit of social entrepreneurship and strikes a healthy balance between being an idealistic dreamer and a pragmatic administrator.