Chester Cheng

Integrated BBA, CUHK


Mr. Stephen Kuok

Chester is majoring in Business Administration at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He received the Beta Gamma Sigma lifetime membership, an international recognition for academic excellence in business studies. His career aspiration is to keep learning about the world from the perspectives of different sectors and utilize his expertise and experience to create both social and economic values for businesses to make the world a better place. He has a zealous passion in the consulting industry and has become a student consultant at the Hong Kong Branch of Cambridge Consulting Network. He is currently working as a project leader for a consulting project from the Bridges for Enterprises, a student society of the University of Cambridge, where he works with a team of consultants of different nationalities for a social enterprise based in Africa. He firmly believes in the power of social entrepreneurship and has been working on a social innovation project to reduce excess packaging in Hong Kong. He enjoys travelling and completed a solo trip across four countries in Europe at the age of 19. He loves playing bowling and basketball in his free time.