Winson Yau

Engineering, HKUST


Mr. Cheney Cheng

Fueled by his ardor for educating students in Hong Kong, Winson staunchly believes in providing equal opportunities for all, regardless of their backgrounds. After participating in volunteering events aimed at imparting knowledge to Secondary schools, he realized that he could be one of the many individuals who serve students in need. With the aid of this Scholarship, Winson eagerly anticipates collaborating with like-minded Scholars and mentors to serve the community.

Since his second semester, Winson has been challenging himself by participating in a plethora of activities and volunteering opportunities. As a convivial individual, he relishes conversing with individuals of all ages and has gained invaluable insights from their experiences. Through his encounters, Winson has discovered that certain social groups are often neglected and require more attention and care.

As a visionary and imaginative Scholar, Winson has actively participated in numerous innovative competitions. Driven by a strong desire to protect the environment, Winson dedicated himself to studying the intricacies of the plastic bottle recycling process. Through meticulous scrutiny and unwavering determination, his team achieved a significant milestone by successfully constructing a water bottle recycling bin. This remarkable accomplishment garnered them the championship in the esteemed Green Innovation Challenge of 2019 and earned the Outstanding Smart City Project Award.