Tina Dao

Laws, CUHK


Ms. Doris Choi

Tina is majoring in law at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her interest in law is sparked by years of debating experience. While preparing for debate topics on social issues, Tina has come to recognize justice and equality as the foundation of societal wellbeing. Thus, she decided to take the path of legal studies with a view to safeguarding the fundamental rights of citizens of Hong Kong.

Besides her passion in law and justice, Tina believes in the power of youth as future change makers. Having served as Officer of Global Talent Sourcing in AIESEC, the world’s largest non-profit youth-run organization, she realized that the vibrancy and creativity of teenagers often offer innovative solutions to social problems. However, many teenagers fail to acknowledge their capabilities due to a lack of social recognition. Tina sets out to connect and empower the younger generation by engaging in youth volunteering services, including tutoring for students with hearing impairment. She aspires to build a civilized society where everyone can articulate their opinions on public affairs and that their ideas can be duly heard by the government.

Apart from her interest in social issues, Tina is a devoted reader of fiction and poetry. She finds literature to be a source of wisdom and a therapy for weariness from work.