Shannon So

Medicine, CUHK

Shannon is studying Medicine at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. As a public health enthusiast, Shannon has been highly involved in raising public health awareness since secondary school. Her participation in the Hong Kong Organ Donation and Transplantation Oral History Project has developed her interest in the field. In her freshman year at CUHK, she was the local public health officer of the Asian Medical Students’ Association Hong Kong, and organized many impactful activities including COVID-19 outbreak control workshop and webinars on topics such as mental health and climate change.


Being aware that public health of different cities is interconnected and can be shaped by cultural factors, Shannon is keen to develop an international perspective and heighten her cultural sensitivity by participating in global medical student conferences.


With interests spanning from humanities to science subjects, Shannon aspires to combine her passion in both fields in which she believes will empower her to be a more compassionate and competent doctor. The belief that acts of kindness can be passed on to others like a flame has inspired her to become an initiator and creator of circles of compassion in society. She aspires to provide quality and accessible healthcare services and participate in humanitarian work in international organizations in the future.