Johnson Liu

Mechanical Engineering, HKUST


Ms. Karen Cheung

Johnson is a student at HKUST majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He has diverse academic interest and often takes courses that are out of the requirements of his major, ranging from history to business. Keen to challenge himself, he has been taking more advanced courses. Having explored different fields last year, Johnson decided on his current major, based on the subject’s broad application as well as his love for mechanics and machinery.

His diverse interest is not limited to academics. Outside class, he is a basketball fan and was a member of the basketball team in high school. At HKUST, he joined the Tai Chi Club and attended four hours of training every week during regular semesters.

He has a strong sense of belonging to the community and is involved in different programs. In love with HKUST as well as engineering, he got through the two-month screening process was selected as an Engineering Student Ambassador of the ESA program representing the School of Engineering in different events. He is also a Peer Mentor in the School, providing assistance and guidance to freshmen to help them make their first year a rewarding and fruitful one. As President of the Tai Chi Club, he runs the club’s daily affairs and helps with the promotion of the sport. Last but not least, with the support from the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, he is one of the founding members of the Space Systems Club which provides a platform and organizes activities for aerospace fans in HKUST.

Johnson aspires to a world of equality built on mutual respect without discrimination, and a future bettered through technological advancement.