Joey Lau

Medicine, CUHK

Joey is majoring in Medicine at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Not only is she interested in giving and serving the community, she is also passionate about spreading and influencing the new generation with a big heart. To her, volunteering is never just a self-satisfying contribution, but a mission to be passed on. Understanding the important role of education in planting altruistic values in youngsters, she dedicates herself to services targeting teenagers. As a cabinet member of the S.H. Ho Voluntary Service Team at CUHK, she leads free tutorial programs for local and ethnic minority students from less privileged backgrounds, providing them with a fair chance of learning and promoting a harmonious learning environment for ethnic minorities to better integrate into the local community. Not only is she involved in local services, she also aspires to serve communities outside Hong Kong. Previously, she took part in a two-month summer educational program organized by The Chinese YMCA of Tainan, teaching English in three Taiwanese primary schools. She believes that even the slightest influence has the potential to change one’s life. Not hoping for any repayment, she wishes that others can feel the love from her efforts and always be reminded to be kind and generous to share what they possess.