Jenny Wong

Technology and Management, HKUST


Mr. Stephen Kuok

Jenny is currently studying in the dual degree program of Technology and Management at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology with computer science as her major. Believing in “Every experience teaches you something worthy”, she discovered her interest in technology from various competitions when she was a secondary school student and decided to go further. She hopes that she can make use of technologies to solve social problems in the future.

In her leisure time, Jenny enjoys reading as she is always inspired by the new thoughts and stories of the books. Allowing her to see the world from another angle, the inspiration from reading helps her organizing and participating in social services. Jenny was given a chance to organize an innovative project in the UNICEF Young Envoys Programme and as the person-in-charge of the project, Jenny made use of her learning about AIDS of orphans from reading a book some years ago and suggested using it as the project theme, which in turn helped raise the public awareness on AIDS orphans.

With The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholarship, Jenny looks forward to connecting with mentors and other like-minded scholars, and to contributing more by social services engagement.