Gary Chan

Laws, HKU

As a law student at The University of Hong Kong, Gary is committed to various NGO social initiatives. Currently, he is working at the UNESCO HK Glocal Peace Centre to promote peace and diversity through education and social engagement in primary and secondary schools. Their “Actions for Peace ” programs encourage youth participation in peacebuilding and engage ethnic minorities in cultural immersion.


Gary has also been serving the North District Juvenile Association as Vice-Chairperson for the past years. He has been organizing and implementing the district’s Outstanding Students’ Election that students will be engaged in intellectual debates on local and global affairs. In addition, his service group has been distributing daily necessities and masks to the elderly to promote public health. Recognizing his social service commitment, Gary was awarded by the Youth Development Commission the Remarkable Youth Award, and the first place of Tung Wah Student of the Year Award.


As a keen observer of the Free Legal Advice Scheme by The Duty Lawyer Service, Gary shadows lawyers providing free legal advice to the underprivileged. The experience motivated him to take part in pro bono work. He is delighted to be one of the Foundation’s Scholars and he endeavors to make an impactful contribution to our society.