Ethan Zhang

Quantitative Finance, CUHK


Mr. Cheney Cheng

Ethan’s entrepreneurial fire was lit at the tender age of 13 when he embarked on his first business venture. This formative experience, coupled with his active participation in extracurriculars, ignited an unwavering passion for entrepreneurship that persists to this day.

Throughout university, Ethan eagerly participated in various competitions that allowed him to hone his entrepreneurial skills and strategic thinking. A standout was the Outliers ESG Innovation Challenge, where his team worked tirelessly to find an entrepreneurial solution for enhancing the studying environment. He also mentored aspiring young innovators in The Schools Challenge, helping equip the next generation of entrepreneurs to sustainably transform Kowloon-East. Through these experiences, Ethan gained valuable insight into the entrepreneurial process of identifying problems, brainstorming creative solutions, and bringing ideas to fruition.

Last summer brought an exciting opportunity – joining a startup building the world’s first certified 4-seater electric aircraft. By diving into this emerging industry, Ethan aims to make a meaningful dent in combating climate change and promoting sustainability.

Dolly Parton once said, “If you are not happy with the path you are on, start paving a new one.” This mindset of embracing challenges and turning them into opportunities has become deeply ingrained in his thinking. By utilizing this Scholarship opportunity, he is committed to making a positive contribution to sustainability and forging his own unique path.