Cherrie Chung

Medicine & Surgery, CUHK


Dr. CC Luk

Cherrie is studying Medicine at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is currently the Vice President of Wu Yee Sun Medical Society and member of the student ambassador team, Medicine Drama Society and Medicine Dance Society.

She is passionate about serving the community. She started community service at her high school and has been continuing such service with dedication. Being a medical student provides more opportunities for her to reach out to society further. Recently, she has joined two service trips to visit elderly who had recovered from leprosy and children with thalassemia. She performed basic health checks, and provided counselling to the recovered patients as most of them had experienced trauma. She seeks to be a doctor who does not only cure patients’ illness but also provides care for their mental well-being.

In the future, Cherrie aspires to provide free medical services to the underprivileged . This idea came across when she visited the underprivileged in a social service experience. She realized that many of them were unaware of their health conditions due to low education level. She believes that everyone should have equal rights to access to health care and population health is crucial to societal prosperity.