Anson Chung

Surveying, HKU

Anson showed his interest in architectural and urban designs early when he was studying in secondary school. He participated in the “Be a Town Planner” Summer Planning School organized by the Planning Department and City Gallery.


He is also devoted to serving the community by which he actively took the leading role in various groups including Air Scout and Interact Club.Through collaborating with different schools to initiate several service programs, he enhanced his fellow’s leadership and communication skills. andbroadened their horizons by further inviting some seniors to share their own experiences.


In his freshman year, Anson started his tuition work in the Small Group Home, a place providing residential care service to school-age children who have insufficient parental care. With inadequate support and guidance, these students are prone to mental instability and behavioural problems. After reflection, he realized that this service is not only about teaching, but to show empathy to the children and be their listeners. By allowing the children to share their own feelings and responding to them, they can be motivated by the love and care they received from others.


Acquiring knowledge and experiences from school and voluntary work, Anson is determined to construct a more liveable environment for people in need. He believes that a pleasant living condition is essential for pursuing aspirations – when people live in hope, the future of the society would become brighter and more sustainable.


Echoing with his vision, Anson is thrilled to connect with mentors and scholars through the Scholarship Program to explore ways to make the community more harmonious and delightful.