Vikram Sambamurthy

Computer Engineering and General Business Management, HKUST

Vikram is a Computer Engineering student with a broad spectrum of interests, ranging from data analytics to robotics. In an effort to diversify his skillset, he enjoys participating regularly in Hackathon events. More recently, his focus has been centered on finding opportunities to apply his amassed knowledge to leave an impact. He has been working on a service project for the Music Children Foundation, a Hong Kong based NGO, to revamp their volunteer registration and management system, as well as their website. Another pursuit of his is research that he is conducting under a computer science professor, involving the exploration of new visualization methods to interpret big data. This is critical to the full utilization of the unprecedented volume of information available to gain useful insights into how we can improve the quality of our lives. Knowing that he can also make a difference advocating for engineering education, he is an engineering student ambassador, a founding mentor of an initiative to inspire secondary school students about engineering, and a technical advisor for a ‘divergent thinking’ project course. He also plans to record a series of engineering tutorials, which will make up an online ‘reaching-out’ course by HKUST on embedded systems.