Tiffany Yu

Global Business, HKUST


Mr. Paul Lam

Tiffany, a Global Business sophomore at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is particularly proud of two things in her life. She has developed a passion for business studies since secondary school and she truly loves what she studies. The business world is so fun to explore as it is ever-changing and full of possibilities. Somehow business students are stereotyped as money-making machines but in her studies, she learns to care about social wellbeing and apply her knowledge for good causes in small ways. It was a rewarding experience for Tiffany to have recently coached a team of secondary school students from the planning, preparation all though to the set-up of a business at Young Innovation Bazaar organized by Project WeCan. She is also proud that she always brings positive energy wherever she goes. Born with great optimism, Tiffany appreciates the joy of giving and is committed to serving the less fortunate through participating in and organizing community service. As a regular volunteer at Kids4kids, she is especially concerned with children education. To her, making people smile is a great achievement. She hopes to have the courage to take up more responsibilities, become more intelligence and stay true to her heart and serve wherever she goes.